We are ready, open, and happy to have you again

It has been a hard time for all of us.

We ended up in a situation that so far we have only seen in movies and it was tough to make up our minds and to realise what was really going on.
A lot of articles have been written and tons of words have been spent on COVID and we would never speculate on that (we have a guesthouse, we not virologists)... however, it seems to be almost over, at least in Europe and our thoughts go to who had to deal with difficult situations.

Our hearts are with you...

We are here, always been here, we were lucky enough as in our country the virus has not been strong and we have not had cases here in Istria almost at all but we have been hit by the crisis as everyone else.

We will be happy to see you again, we have had great weather these weeks, enduro trails are awesome (and dry!), the food is the same as you know so.... come to enjoy your holiday.

Our Tara is ready to welcome you with all the precautions in place 🤣