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Your holiday at The Olive House

View of an olive

The olive tree will be the first thing you see while approaching the way that brings you to the Olive House. You will find us in the end of a small village called Jakomici which counts only 30 residents and where time stands still. Here you can find what apparently has been lost in the past. The silence, broken only by typical noise of countryside, by farmers, by tractors plowing fields and by birds that might wake you up with their singing at the very first morning light. During the night the silence is just total. With the clear sky it’s impossible to stop counting stars when the moon shades her light on the whole valley, creating a fairytale atmosphere. Just a perfect and relaxing holiday, at The Olive House.


The Olive House

Reasons to stay with us

Baby cat

The Olive house is a great starting point for numerous excursions, whether with bicycle or with dirt bikes, also you find nearby many trails for trekking, of various levels of difficulty. Those who prefer to stay and enjoy the relax in the house, you can take a nap in the spacious garden, lying in the hammock under the tree. You will be in a good company; sharing the garden with chickens (the real free range layers!) and, if you are really lucky, you might become friends with our small cat called Tina, even if she is very shy and tends to stay away from our guests.


Free range layers

Come to see us during the grape harvest time

Β Should you happen to travel to Istria during the grape harvest season, make sure you put in your suitcase the rubber boots! We will take you to our vineyards and you will live one of the most unforgettable experiences for people who loves the contact with the nature. You will learn the old style harvest technique, together with us and our family. We will show you all the phases of the process and as we keep the barrels in the Olive House, you will taste a freshly harvested Malvasia wine!


Vineyards, harvesting